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10 Tips to Alleviate Stress Right Now

Alleviating Stress

Stress affects nearly each and every one of us in our daily lives. Learning to control and alleviate stress at it’s first sign will help you keep your head in the game. Here are 10 tips to alleviate stress right now:

1. Find a quiet place to be alone for 10 short minutes. Sit down and place both feet squarely on the floor… barefoot is preferred.

2. Take 3 deep cleansing breaths (ladies you know the kind you do when you’re in labor if you’ve had a baby) For all of you men and ladies who haven’t had kids, simply breathe in deeply through your nose and out through your mouth. As you breathe out, blow away the debris of whatever is creating the stress. See it being carried away to the sky.

3.Turn your heart and your mind toward gratitude. What are 3 things you are grateful for in your life right now? Express that to God.

4. Now, with your eyes closed, take a walk among the beauty of nature. Whatever you enjoy the most, the ocean, the mountains, the desert in bloom- just see yourself there. Take in the sight, the sounds, the smell and the calmness.

5. Drop your head forward upon your chest and release the burdens on your shoulders 1 by 1 to God. He can handle the load.

6. Ask yourself: “Are the things I am anxious about going to matter 5 years from now?”

7. Now, ask God for help to do what you must do and to let go of what you should not do.

8. Intentionally release the tension out of your head, neck, shoulders, each arm and leg by relaxing the muscles one by one. Let it flow out of your finger tips and toes.

9. Take 3 more cleansing breaths to complete your rejuvenation.

10. Turn your face upward and smile! You are now able to proceed through your day with things in perspective and free from stress.

Practice these steps whenever you are feeling stressed or just need to relax your mind from the daily grind. The more you put these simple steps into practice the easier it becomes to living the stress-free life.

Have these stress alleviating steps helped you overcome stress? Share your success story with us below.

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