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5 Easy and Cost Effective Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Employee Morale and Build Team Spirit

Improving Employee Morale

Is your business suffering from poor employee morale and decreased productivity? Here are 5 easy and cost effective things you can do right now to improve your employee morale and start increasing productivity and take your business to new heights:

1. Food – Who doesn’t love food? Once a month, have a potluck. Employees can show off their culinary talents as well as bond with teammates over food. Topics of conversation can be turned for an hour or so to something other than the daily grind. It’s fun to also have a competitive spin and see who makes the best chili or the most delicious desert. Have a fun homemade trophy for the winner to keep on their desk!

2. Positive Feedback – it’s easy as busy managers to neglect this, but a little goes a long way. Acknowledging when an employee does well, is imperative to good morale. A simple email that says “good job” in your own way can boost an employee’s confidence, and their productivity could skyrocket!

3. Contest – Productivity contests are a nifty secret to accomplish 2 things at once. A fun $15 gift card could be up for grabs to whoever performs the best. Take your most measurable task and set a goal. It’s amazing what a little competition will do for a team, especially when a prize is on the line. We have had clients triple production when this simple activity is done.

4. Team Names – this may seem a little “kindergarten” to you, but it’s no secret that a team comes together when they have a name. When they come together, their productivity will boost and so will morale. Have them decorate a poster board with their team name and post them somewhere for all to see. It can be a conversation starter and the team will be sure to get a kick out of it.

5. Employee Survey – has fast, easy, and free surveys that can be created and sent by email out to your employees. Insightful answers are sure to come in when the surveys are kept anonymous. It’s important for you, the employer, to keep your finger on the pulse of the organization, and this is an important key that can be used for that purpose. You can make educated decisions on teams, managers, and structure in general by some of these insights.

Put these simple actions to work today and you’ll be amazed how fast you see productivity and unity within the workplace. Share your thoughts and success stories with us below.

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