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Sacred Space


More and more I am aware of the need we have as human beings to have breathing room. If you have ever had a person in your space, you know what I mean. I sometimes feel really crowded for no apparent reason. I just want to walk away in the middle of a perfectly normal conversation. Or, I feel like if a person doesn’t stop talking pretty soon, I may scream! Other times, I feel like every bit of life has been sucked out of me as I try to patiently wait in a crowded line.

Have you ever been to one of those sales the day after Thanksgiving? There is a definite lack of oxygen. And how about those sales people who call you and start reading their script without stopping to breathe or let you get a word in? You try to be nice and say, “No thank you”- but you are ignored. The last guy said, “I understand, madam, but…..” You know the rest of that story.

All of these things are symptoms of the overload of our senses. If we could stop a moment…just a simple moment and ask, “Where is my space? “What do I need to do right now to feel safe and sound?” Today, pause and listen to stillness. There is a place that has plenty of room. A place where you can just be.

Personal space is truly sacred because God is the One who makes it. He is the One who gives you the nudge to exit that conversation, excuse yourself from the shopping trip or just hang up the phone. God’s definition of “nice” is different from your mother’s.

Next time you feel like you are gasping for air for no apparent reason…take a sacred space moment and get centered on what really matters. Take a deep breath all the way down to your toes, let every muscle relax and then look around. Is there someone or something crowding you? Find out what personal value or boundary may be being violated and make a mental note. Next time, you will remember where your sacred space begins and ends and you will respect it. You have to be the first to respect it and treat it sacred if you want others to do the same.

Until then, make sure to cooperate with God and design some sacred space into your life every day. If the flowers in my flower pot get too crowded, I have to get a bigger pot. The same is true with my emotional space. Some days need more room.

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